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Check out the video below, where Eriks Celmins briefly talks about his motivation 

for developing this cool chat tool. Plus he gives you a sneak-peak of it in action.

Why The cliizii Method?

We've been talking to media & entertainment audiences around the world, over decades.

So we understand the importance of research as an engagement touchpoint, that matches your brand values.

At the same time, the disruptive fragmentation of choices means it's critical to understand the Emotional Drivers of your audience. 

To innovate and stay ahead of your competition.

We've designed The cliizii Method to bring all of these needs together, and then some. 

It's market research as a HIGH-ENERGY FAN EVENT!

How does it work?

The cliizii Method is NOT just another chat platform.  It's an exciting new way of engaging entertainment fans for insights.

We blend the DNA and topic structure of focus-group functionality, with the buzz of social media. 

Which means live-chat in our group format, reflects their natural, mobile habitat. Creating an instant, community-feel, and rapport with you as the event Host. 

But with the privacy & safety that both you and your fans will trust, for a deeper discussion away from the spotlight.

As humans, we have a basic need to share feelings, and help each other. Which means our fun & friendly group approach will unearth honest insights not usually found in other techniques.

And anytime, even during the Session, you can export transcripts of all conversations for exec-reporting and further analysis.

What are the outcomes?

Reveal the WHY behind the WHAT of  survey stats, so you have a better understanding of what's driving the trends.

Make improvements based on audience feedback, expressed very clearly in the group discussion. People enjoy getting together to help you solve problems!

Use the real-life insights to feed innovation. By making new connections between your product, and how your fans perceive & use it in their everyday life.   

Build and strengthen your relationship with your audience. Because they feel a more valued part of your team, making a tangible difference.

Human Conversation with Customers

I got the chance to watch my clients have human conversations again with customers - rather than just read the data from a survey. Amazing what you find out when you actually chat with people rather than just ask them to tick boxes.

Wade Kingsley Founder - The Ideas Business

Amazing client support, user-friendly software

Friendly layout, good graphics, easy to navigate for users. No login required for users which I believe enhances their experience (not having to create a username and password, allowing them to start interacting within seconds).

Unbelievably efficient client support - we had a report in our inbox within 12 hours of the first session, and the company was on-hand during first session to manage any issues.

Kate Harkness Operations Manager - Adelaide Strikers

True Answers

I love the hands-on nature of this software, and the true answers we get from the listeners.

Hiding behind a keyboard seems to get more honest feedback than a room full of people where one or two generally set the tone of everyone else.

Ross Flahive ZM Content Director - NZME New Zealand

What cliizii Offers You…

Social Forum

Finally, you can build a research Contact List from your Social Media fans. Take them straight into a real-time Forum Chat for instant insights, and collect their contact details afterwards.

Forum Chat

Open a conversation with unlimited numbers of Guests. Gather a wide range of opinions and feedback.

Focus Chat

Explore in-depth issues using creative tools, including an interactive whiteboard, in an intimate group of up to 8 Guests.

No Database, No Problem

Use Social or Survey Recruiter to build & profile a new list of people to invite to your cliizii Chat Sessions.


Video, audio, PDF, and interactive Whiteboard images can all be presented for feedback, including Voting. Ideal for brainstorming and testing marketing materials.

Integrate With Your CRM

You can use Zapier for customised profiling of Guests, and fast turnaround on a cliizii Chat Session.

What You Can Use cliizii For…


Build a more detailed profile of your audience, from in-depth conversations about their hopes, fears, aspirations. How your offering fits in their daily habits, and how you can make their life better.

Test Marketing Collateral

Sense-check your thinking on messaging and materials. Run it past your VIP fans, who will give you direct feedback and even suggest alternatives in their language.

Content &Talent  Development

Design New Products

Tapping your audience for overnight insights helps you shape content on-the-fly. And if you work with talent, there's no more powerful, motivational feedback than the real voice of the fan! 

Identify a passionate need and craft your product based off the insights of your target audience before you waste any time or money on the wrong product

Ideate New Features

Identify New Markets

Go outside your normal 'bubble', and bring in those who know your product intimately. Your audience can help you generate new ideas on what works for them in their real world.

Dig into audience insights to identify and validate opportunities to expand your business into new markets

Prototype New Concepts

Find Out Why Customers Buy One Product Over Another

For a quick dipstick on whether a new concept has legs. Tweak based on feedback, or narrow down options to further test in a quantitative study.

If one of your products outsells another that’s similar, finding out why can help you decide which to focus


Identify New Markets

Take the bolt-cutters to endless email chains and debate about an issue. Instead ask your fans for their help to make a decision between alternatives. They're vested in your success, and love to hash out solutions for you. 

Craft a marketing message your customers resonate with by using their own emotionally-charged language


If you don't learn one new insight into your fans, after chatting to them in a cliizii Session, we'll give you your money back!

Ready to get started?

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