4 things you need, to really understand your customer.

It doesn’t matter what marketing channels you are using, or how much money you invest … if you don’t know your customer, and I mean really know them, you have no hope of triggering an emotional response that will motivate purchase.

1. Demographics:

You can’t know someone unless you know their profile.If you have an existing business you should be able to identify who is purchasing your product.But if you’re starting out, you will need to make some common-sense assumptions based on your knowledge of your product and your distribution area. B2B & B2C profiles vary, but the basics include Age, Sex, Income-Range, Address (or at least Suburb or Postcode), Children, Ethnic-Group, Occupation.

2. Observation:

learn from big companies that have done the hard work in profiling.One of the easiest places to observe B2C targets is when shopping. Nearly everyone needs to buy food, but you’ll also find that supermarkets vary depending on the demographics of the area.An urban area with lots of high-rise for example will have more pre-prepared food, customised for the busy exec & young professionals. Then go to a suburban supermarket, and the products change along with the characteristics of the shoppers.

3. Paint a picture:

armed with demographic info and your observations, you’re starting to see what life is like for your customer.Something I do is close my eyes, and visualise I’m walking in their shoes.Now start writing, tell a story on what their life is like. How your product fits into that life, or what does it need to do, to make it easier for them.

4. Test your thinking:

the final step where you need to actually talk to them. You’ve done a great job so far, but your message isn’t going to connect emotionally, if you aren’t using the right language.Tapping into the authentic tone and words that resonate with customers, is the critical difference between a good marketing message and a bad one.

Of course it never stops there! You need to constantly tweak your messages, evaluate changes in the market, and adapt.So maintaining a dialogue with customers, like having regular, friendly chats with them, keeps you ahead of the game and builds the relationship.

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