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Cliizii - So What

Your customers can write your story!

To write a story with a strong emotional hook, you need to get behind the cold facts and ask So What?For those of us in small business struggling to stand out in our cluttered media environment, these tips will help you tell your own unique story.These days it’s a real challenge, to stand out from […]

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Rock n’ Scroll – Media Research Backstage

Recent market research industry studies highlight the pressing need to improve the participant experience.In media, we’ve long wrestled with delivering actionable feedback, while engaging consumers who need to be entertained like other touch-points. Here are some thoughts on making insights-gathering less like a visit to the dentist, with all the drilling & probing (actual market […]

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Research Kills Creativity – Right?

Wrong! ​There’s an ancient myth that market research is best used for eliminating negatives. Find out what people don’t like and get rid of it!  And just keep doing the same old of what they do like.  A classic case of “safety in numbers”. In our radio work over the years, we’ve often see this in […]

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Does your company culture embrace insights from the team?

Remember the suggestion box? In our office we had a simple, wooden box where you could drop in an idea. An easy way of getting feedback from the team. The concept is timeless … in fact, if you’re NOT talking to your front-line people you’re missing out on valuable insights. They can deliver you a […]

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Take back control of social media reviews

Dealing with social media reviews is just a part of doing business these days. And as a business you can’t afford to ignore this vital link to your customers. If you doubt the importance of reviews and how to manage them, then check out this article from Digiday.But what if you could get advanced knowledge […]

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Pop-Up Insights Community Engage4Insights

Bringing Your Customers Around The Campfire

Both the marketing & research sectors are undergoing massive disruption, driven by social, business, and technology trends. Declining panellist and customer retention are the #1 issues, and the way things were done in the past are not a blueprint for the future. Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Big Data, Web Analytics etc. are heralded as the […]

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Anyone can Host a Conversation

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! YOU are the best person to talk to your customers, and they want to speak directly to you, the decision-maker. You don’t use third parties to have conversations, and build close relationships in real life. Why should this be any different? And only you know the detailed nuances of […]

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