The Adelaide Strikers go the tonk with cliizii!

When cliizii talked to the Big Bash league team The Adelaide Strikers in early 2018, we knew that the tools we’ve developed were the perfect solution to help them uncover the insights they needed to move their organisation forward.

Some big decisions had to be made regarding next season, but without some input from fans, the club’s management felt as if they were ‘flying blind’. That was until cliizii opened the door to a direct and impactful conversation with their fans.

Adelaide Strikers General Manager Bronwyn Klei explains:

“We didn’t know how fans would react to the move to a six-game season. But it became clear through the cliizii session that this wasn’t an issue. Now it’s much easier for us to make decisions confidently.”

Using the cliizii platform to engage with fans, the organisation was able to save a significant amount of money – all while gathering the precise insights they needed.

“We were looking at doing some choice modelling, which would have cost us many thousands of dollars and taken six weeks to get the results. But with cliizii, we were able to start a direct discussion with fans, and within a week of our initial discussions we had transcripts and everything we needed to make a decision. And at a fraction of the price.

Clarity within one week – it’s just not what usually comes to mind when you think of market research.”

Now, after their initial engagement with the platform, The Adelaide Strikers consider cliizii a new part of their research toolkit.

“What it did highlight was other issues that fans had on their mind – so it was a great way of getting inside their heads. I can see this becoming a regular pre-season or pre-event process. Having this type of discussion is just great for instantaneous decisions.”

With help from cliizii, the Adelaide Strikers no longer feel like they’re flying blind when it comes to the big decisions. This is another great example of how the cliizii platform can help organisations connect directly with fans and have meaningful conversations that create better clubs and bigger fan bases.

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