Bringing Your Customers Around The Campfire

Both the marketing & research sectors are undergoing massive disruption, driven by social, business, and technology trends. Declining panellist and customer retention are the #1 issues, and the way things were done in the past are not a blueprint for the future.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, Big Data, Web Analytics etc. are heralded as the leading edge of “quantitative” consumer insights. But marketers also want to understand the emotional factors behind purchasing, that neuroscience proves are dominant over rational.

Which you can only identify by engaging with “real” people, in “real” language. The traditional role of “qualitative” research, known by most non-researchers as focus-groups, but actually covering a wide range of specialised, and sometimes exotic techniques.

In the meantime, social media is the way people now communicate between themselves and the brands in their lives, going back to our primal need to share feelings and opinions around the campfire.

We inform, entertain and influence each other in short, sharp bites, independent of traditional marketing, research and media channels. Brand reputations can be made and slayed with no control, or even any knowledge, on the part of the brands until it’s too late.

Cliizii is the new social face of focus groups, where you can talk to your customers around the campfire. Any business, small or large, now has access to our complete, DIY tool-kit for running discussion sessions online, like an expert.

It’s all in the cloud, so no apps to download, no firewood & matches needed!

Exclusive Insights into the Hearts & Minds of your Fans. That’s the cliizii Method!

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