Chat Session Content Policy

Chat Session Content Policy

Please note: that if you utilize the mini-survey built in the cliizii system, known as Recruiter, all of the following Policy items apply equally to question content presented in that survey.

Participating in a cliizii discussion Session should be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. This policy covers key aspects of maintaining that positive experience.

If you are involved in a Session that you feel doesn't meet one or more of these policies, please contact us quoting the Session Name at

Scamming and Security

As all content within Sessions are visible by all Guests, Topics that request confidential, personal, sensitive information is not permitted. cliizii is not responsible for an Account Manager/Host listing a Topic requesting this information. However if it comes to our attention we will immediately delete the Topic and query the Account Manager/Host to determine their intention behind the question.

If at the discretion of cliizii it is felt that the Account Manager/Host is not conducting the Session within these policies then we reserve the right to delete the Account.

Privacy and Impersonation

cliizii Chat Room Guests provide responses with the expectation that their information will be handled respectfully and not abused.

  • We encourage Hosts to disclose their privacy practices in their Sessions and, if they do so, we require those Hosts to act in accordance with those practices.
  • You may not claim that a Guest's First Name identity in a Session is anonymous, using our code-name function, when it is not.
  • You may not impersonate others when facilitating your Session.

Violence and Hate Speech

When participating in a discussion Session you may not agree with an individual's comments, but this does not give you the right to be hateful in your reply.

The Host of each Session has the ability to delete any comments that they feel inappropriate.  They also have the right to inform law enforcement authorities if they believe that, a genuine risk of physical harm or direct threat to public safety exists.

Our services may not be used to credibly threaten others, or to organize or incite violence. This includes content which attacks people, or incites attacks on people, based on their ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, genetic predisposition, disability or medical condition.

Our services may not be used to promote or glorify self-harm.

Bullying and Harassment

  • Our services may not be used to bully or harass a private individual.

Criminal Activity

  • Our services may not be used in furtherance of any criminal activity or in violation of any applicable law.

Pornography and Offensive Graphic Material

We acknowledge nudity, pornography and gore may have a legitimate place in certain types of Sessions. However, we discourage the gratuitous inclusion of such materials in Sessions.

  • You may not include gratuitous graphic violent material or pornography in Sessions.
  • We recommend adding a conspicuous warning before displaying any material which may be offensive in nature.
  • We strictly prohibit, and will report to law enforcement any display of sexual or pornographic content (including in cartoon form) involving minors.

Intellectual Property Infringement

Please respect the intellectual property rights of others.

You must have the appropriate rights to any content included in your Sessions.

How to Report Policy Violations

If you identify content which you believe is in violation of this policy, you may file an abuse report to Please include the Name of the Session at issue.



Thanks for letting us have our say, again another thing that makes this feel like a community, & not just a number in a rating.

- Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Easy, stress free chat with my past guests

I picked the topics for discussion and got honest opinions from past clients. Instead of me telling the decision makers what was needed for the future growth of the business, I can now pass on direct opinions from the clients to those who control the capital spending. It puts the top brass, who never see the clients, in touch with those who buy their product and enables me to validate the input I'm giving the PTB's. I'll keep using this program to make my management that much easier.

Robin McAdam - General Manager - Port Douglas Apartments

True Answers

I love the hands-on nature of this software, and the true answers we get from the listeners.

Hiding behind a keyboard seems to get more honest feedback than a room full of people where one or two generally set the tone of everyone else.

Ross Flahive - ZM Content Director - NZME New Zealand

Thanks for the opportunity!

Was fun to be part of and see others thoughts.

Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Awesome, thank you so much!

I've really enjoyed doing this and hope that some of my answers have been helpful.

Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Thanks for the opportunity!

Great to see your actually interested in the audiences ideas & opinions. Nice to chat with the other contributors too!

Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Such a great concept

I was on last night watching in real time. Such a great concept and so easy to navigate. Lots of useful stuff in there.

Mike McClung - NZME Chief Content Officer - Music Brands, New Zealand

Open discussion and direct feedback

cliizii is an easy tool to use for both internal and external marketing purposes, it creates a platform for open discussion and direct feedback. The Summary Report is a useful collation of the results of each session.

Claire Achilles - Office Manager & Marketing Manager

Human Conversation with Customers

I got the chance to watch my clients have human conversations again with customers - rather than just read the data from a survey. Amazing what you find out when you actually chat with people rather than just ask them to tick boxes.

Wade Kingsley - Founder - The Ideas Business