Is your current feedback like a cattle call?

As a marketing professional, you don’t need convincing that talking to customers is the best way to get feedback and find out what they want. There are lots of tools you could use, if only you had the budget & time!

In our social media world, we are used to getting information really quickly. With our media clients for example, data often has a shelf-life of less than 24hrs.


Which is really why we built Cliizii.

It’s all about getting feedback as quickly as possible, but also make customers feel involved with you, not like they’re just being used in a cattle-call.

You know, do a quick (or in most cases, long) survey…maybe have a prize draw, but that’s it…no feedback to them about outcomes … they don’t know what others have said … no real engagement.

Just grab your info, make a decision, then hope they stay with you anyway.

But after years of theorising, it’s so rewarding to see feedback like these from Guests participating in a Cliizii Session. Are your customers giving you feedback like this in your surveys?

Guest – “Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this, it’s been great and I’ve really enjoyed it! ”

Customer  – “I think this is a really great and unthreatening way of getting honest ‘consumer’ feedback and I really appreciate the opportunity.”

Guest – “Thank you, I’ve really enjoyed this :).”

Customer  – “Hi, great tool especially for this kind of feedback, awesome to use and be part of!”

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