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OK, I’m going to stop whinging about businesses not having databases…as soon as I get this off my chest! Seriously, knowing your customer has got to be the most important aspect of your business.

I’m still blown away by the number of businesses that just don’t know WHO their customers are, WHAT motivates them, and WHY?


But I get it, running a business is hard! You’re trying to do so many things, be an expert in everything…so here comes our sales pitch. Really, that’s why we added Social Forum and Survey Recruiter to Cliizii.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are at least curious about ways of talking to customers, and may already have some kind of social media following.

So let’s say you have a Facebook page. You make reasonably regular posts of what your business is doing, telling your followers about new products, things happening in your industry etc. But that’s all one-way…what are you getting in return?

You can get some stats from Facebook on their age/sex etc, but it will mostly never tell you WHY they buy your product or are following your page.  And it’s the WHY that makes the difference, when designing the WHAT & HOW of your offering and marketing.


The only way you’re going to get to the heart of the WHY is to build a trusting relationship, and ask them.

Think of it like this – you meet someone…they seem nice, but until you have a conversation with them, they could be a sociopath. OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but chances are they turn out to be totally different to your first impression.

It’s so easy to stereotype people by their demographic profile. And yes, you can make some common-sense assumptions.  But understanding their underlying motivations will significantly change the way you do your marketing.

Now back to my sales pitch :-). First you need an up-to-date Contact List of your most influential customers, and lucky for you, we’ve built Cliizii.  You can post a link to a fun & friendly Chat Room and invite your fans to join you, The Boss, the one who makes the decisions.

You get how cool that is. People love to talk to the boss…it makes them feel really valued, and making a difference. They’ll tell others in their circle, and stay loyal to you for longer.

I’ll use a personal example. There’s a nice restaurant we’ve visited a couple of times…staff are great, location is good but the food can be hit or miss. I’d love to tell them, but they are so nice I’d hate to offend. And I’m usually the first to complain by the way!

But, if I was given the opportunity in a private and conversational space, I would. Then maybe the food would be more consistent, and I’d enjoy the experience even more. And based on the feedback a picture was starting to form of an alternative.

Plus I’d be totally committed to visiting them more often. Wow, the ideas are just bursting from my head on how you could turn this into a massive marketing campaign.

The point is, build a Contact List…no more excuses, you can build it with Cliizii for Free. Then once you have your list, you can start a conversation any time you have something to ask.


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