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To write a story with a strong emotional hook, you need to get behind the cold facts and ask So What?For those of us in small business struggling to stand out in our cluttered media environment, these tips will help you tell your own unique story.These days it’s a real challenge, to stand out from the crowd. Being memorable, but also relevant to your target. It’s important not to lose your essential messaging, which happens to big brands where the clever ad is remembered, but not the product.But here’s the good news, anyone can be creative! It’s not about the next award-winner.

It’s firstly about drilling down deep into what matters to your customer, to uncover their emotional buying triggers. Then the creative part of telling your unique story, in their plain language, about how you connect to their needs.It’s basically story-telling round the campfire.And it only takes two words…SO WHAT!

Cliizii - So What

To understand what your customers really want and why, look at it from their perspective.And ask Why Is That Important? Of course to do this you have to understand your customer – their motivations & aspirations. I’ll cover how below ?What you end up with is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).The next step is to use those emotional triggers to develop creative that tells your story.

A well-crafted story, then drives the critical entertainment & engagement levels, in our cluttered media spaces.Have a look at this Volkswagen commercial. What’s the emotion behind the story? It’s safety &family. Not a boring laundry list of features, which no one will remember anyway.

Brand Reality Check You’re a Commodity if……You could insert your competitor’s name in your ads…You’re not marketing your USP…You’re heavy on standard features like price, service, location, sales… If You’re not freshening the creative delivery of your message…Your marketing strategy & tactics are predictable You Cut-Through if…… and Your copy tells the story of your USP…You support the USP with creative & emotional concepts…Your competitor could not easily claim your emotional space…You tap into real customer-language, not clichéd ad-speak Defining Your USPIs an exercise in drilling down.

So What….

You start with a functional list of Features, and then drill down into emotional Benefits that are important to customers, and no-one else can offer (yet!)The So What Drill Start with a Key Feature that has potential as a USP-Benefit – like this example from a garden center, “Growing together since 1929” So What …

“We are experienced – a family tradition with our customers”So What …

“You can trust us”So What ….

“Customers need to be confident they’re making the right decision”“Our people are “home-grown” They know the local conditions”So What… And on and on it goes, as long as it takes, down to a viable USP!

Creativity starts here! Deep below the surface of your So What? USP drill-down, you now have the real oil for your story to Cut-ThroughYour customers’ perspective If you do all the above without talking to customers first, then you’re only making assumptions about their emotional triggers.

So you need to ask yourself what’s the cost if you don’t get it right? Hundreds or even thousands of dollars on testing ads, only to discover they’re not pushing your targets buttons.

I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting time and money.Your customers see things so very differently to you, but it can be difficult to step outside your business and see it from their perspective. But that’s what’s needed, to get inside their heads to really understand their motivations.Talk to your customers, use the So What process with them. Ask them directly what it means to buy from an established company. Hey, you might end up at the same point, but the language your customers use is gold when developing your USP.Need some inspiration? Watch the links below and analyse whether the story is about standard Commodity features OR emotional Cut-Through.ToyotaGoodChat VogelsTable VodafonePiggySue

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