Day 1 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day one it’s all about the fan relationship.

It’s that special two-way conversation you can have with fans to get their regular feedback, and build that mutual respect, just like in real-life.

And what that does, is build that special connection that they feel with you the club, and even with your individual team members.

Now that becomes something they can take to their family and friends as social currency. They become real true-blue brand advocates for you, something that will stay with them, even in the tough times.

The quality of your fan relationship is critical to growth. If it’s dysfunctional and one-sided, where they don’t feel listened to, they’re not going to hang around, and will seek a better experience with your competitors.

It will only thrive if you implement regular interaction, and pro-actively take care of their needs.


Run a health-check on the key stages of your customer relationships. How are your social metrics, EDM opens and digital funnel conversions?

About the Author

Eriks Celmins brings a wealth of global experience in talking to media, sport & entertainment audiences, as a long-time research & content consultant.

He runs both in-depth quantitative & qualitative research, including his innovative techniques for participant engagement.

Eriks passionately believes in the power of conversation to build customer relationships, and help marketers gather fast, real-time insights.

Which you can now access on his new social-style, private chat-platform cliizii …           

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He is also a full Member of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society).

"I'm always open to exploring creative solutions to research challenges. Reach out to me personally if you want to hash out some ideas, or connect with me on LinkedIn".

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