Day 6 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips

Day six we’re talking about avatars.

That is, building a detailed picture of your ideal target fans.

Using not only demographics, but also telling the story of what their life is like.

And how your club emotionally fits in their life.

What makes them feel a special part of your community?

And how can you tap into those motivations to extend the relationship?

Fan Avatars make all the difference in shaping your marketing.

Whether your messaging has cut-through in real, relatable language, or is just wallpaper.

Driven by deep insights - about real people.


What does your Fan Avatar look like in rich, emotional detail?

About the Author

Eriks Celmins brings a wealth of global experience in talking to media, sport & entertainment audiences, as a long-time research & content consultant.

He runs both in-depth quantitative & qualitative research, including his innovative techniques for participant engagement.

Eriks passionately believes in the power of conversation to build customer relationships, and help marketers gather fast, real-time insights.

Which you can now access on his new social-style, private chat-platform cliizii …           

Customer Led Insights? Easy cliizii!

He is also a full Member of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society).

"I'm always open to exploring creative solutions to research challenges. Reach out to me personally if you want to hash out some ideas, or connect with me on LinkedIn".

Exclusive Insights into the Hearts & Minds of your Fans. That's the cliizii Method!

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