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Recently we had the opportunity to work with a community group that wanted to design a new program.  The stakeholders were from a variety of backgrounds, including business professionals  -always a hard group to pin down!


We used LinkedIn special interest groups to recruit Guests for the Chat Session, and had no problems gathering an interesting group of people. Some couldn’t make it in the end, but we still had plenty of great comments.

The insights not only formulated some new thinking, the comments were a valuable part of a presentation for funding.

With such a diverse group, we ran the Session over a 10 day period – was very interesting to watch.  I remember seeing one person login first thing every morning … she’d flip through the Topics, sometimes making a comment,then she’d disappear. Clearly she got busy…then at the end of the day she was back in.

There’s something exciting about watching people talk about your brand or idea…it’s very empowering for everyone involved.

As the comments were gathered it became clear that the concepts presented fell short of expectations.And based on the feedback a picture was starting to form of an alternative.


The flexibility of Cliizii, meant we could add a new Topic in the middle of the Session, just to make sure we were understanding their needs.

Then at the end, it was as simple as clicking a button to produce a report. Which was critical in gathering interest about the program and finding potential funding.

As the Project Coordinator said… “This has been invaluable in formulating the concept for our new program. We have confirmed some of our thinking, but most importantly been presented with new ideas that will make the program even better”.

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