Why & How-To Use Cliizii…

Q. Do I need market research experience?

Q. I don't have a database of people I want to chat to? How do I find them?

Q. I'm really busy, am I going to have time to do this?

Q. Why should I spend time chatting to customers?

Q. Why do you call respondents Guests?

Q. I'm already doing surveys, so why would I use cliizii?

Q. Why can't I just throw some questions out on Facebook?

Q. Isn't market research expensive and only for big companies?

Q. Can I host my own Chat Sessions?

Q. Can I use an existing database?

Q. Can I profile my Contact List and talk to targeted people?

Q. Can I assign other people to manage my Account?

Q. Can I upgrade my account?

Q. Can I have more than one Contact List within Cliizii?

Q. Can I invite people from more than one Contact List to a Session?

Chat Sessions...

Q. How many Chat Sessions can I have running at the same time?

Q. How long can a Chat Session remain open?

Q. Do all the Guests have to be involved in a Chat Session at the same time?

Q. How do I choose between a Forum or Focus Chat Session? How do I know which is right for me?

Q. Do I need to provide Incentives to Guests?

Q. Is a Chat Session private and secure?

Q. Why do you have Avatars, and why do they look like that?

Q. How are the Avatars used?

Q. You talk about Entertainment Values, what do you mean by that?

Q. How do I know if someone has posted in a Session or sent me a Private Message?



Thanks for letting us have our say, again another thing that makes this feel like a community, & not just a number in a rating.

- Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Easy, stress free chat with my past guests

I picked the topics for discussion and got honest opinions from past clients. Instead of me telling the decision makers what was needed for the future growth of the business, I can now pass on direct opinions from the clients to those who control the capital spending. It puts the top brass, who never see the clients, in touch with those who buy their product and enables me to validate the input I'm giving the PTB's. I'll keep using this program to make my management that much easier.

Robin McAdam - General Manager - Port Douglas Apartments

True Answers

I love the hands-on nature of this software, and the true answers we get from the listeners.

Hiding behind a keyboard seems to get more honest feedback than a room full of people where one or two generally set the tone of everyone else.

Ross Flahive - ZM Content Director - NZME New Zealand

Thanks for the opportunity!

Was fun to be part of and see others thoughts.

Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Awesome, thank you so much!

I've really enjoyed doing this and hope that some of my answers have been helpful.

Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Thanks for the opportunity!

Great to see your actually interested in the audiences ideas & opinions. Nice to chat with the other contributors too!

Session Guest - Unsolicited Feedback

Such a great concept

I was on last night watching in real time. Such a great concept and so easy to navigate. Lots of useful stuff in there.

Mike McClung - NZME Chief Content Officer - Music Brands, New Zealand

Open discussion and direct feedback

cliizii is an easy tool to use for both internal and external marketing purposes, it creates a platform for open discussion and direct feedback. The Summary Report is a useful collation of the results of each session.

Claire Achilles - Office Manager & Marketing Manager

Human Conversation with Customers

I got the chance to watch my clients have human conversations again with customers - rather than just read the data from a survey. Amazing what you find out when you actually chat with people rather than just ask them to tick boxes.

Wade Kingsley - Founder - The Ideas Business


If you don't learn one new insight into your fans, after chatting to them using a cliizii Session, we'll give you your money back!