Finally – real answers from Social Media

You’ve worked hard and built a great following, but what are you really getting from them that’s actionable, and will directly result in more sales? Social media is one of the best place for resolving all your business needs.


You can make the standard, regular posts on what your business is doing, but it’s usually hard to extract meaningful comments back from the conversations.

And we all know that word-of-mouth, which is really what social posts are in a new guise, are more likely to be negative than positive. That’s human nature.

All too clearly seen on shopper-forum websites, where you have no control over what’s said about you, and not even know about it until it’s too late.

Happy people tend not to share their experience, unless it was exceptional. They just sail on passively, and expect the same again next time. But what you really need is a place they can come to and tell you honestly about their experience of dealing with you.

That’s private and secure, where you can pro-actively respond to both positive & negative comments, and be genuinely seen by the customer and the group, to care about their feedback.

Cliizii has the solution for taking your followers directly from your page into our Social Forum, where you can have a quick chat for starters, and then gather contact-permission and basic profile details for future, more in-depth Chat Sessions in Forum or Focus.

social media missing

We fill in social media’s missing link of public, unstructured, random comments from people you know nothing about with no contact details.

Bringing them into the fold of a private space, where you can get to know each other better.

So, your business keeps up with all the latest digital marketing trends, but what are you doing with your social media fans?

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Exclusive Insights into the Hearts & Minds of your Fans. That’s the cliizii Method!

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