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What type of Gift-Incentives are appropriate?

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There’s no “right” or “wrong” answer to this question, as every business or organization,

and every cliizii  Chat Session is different.


The aim is to make people feel valued & appreciated for their time & effort, in helping you solve your 'Burning Issue'.

And never underestimate the zero-cost power of actually telling people directly about actions you've taken, as a result of their

participation. This will also strengthen your relationship, and encourage them to return for the next Session.


For Social Forum & Forum, a major prize-draw of $100+ value would usually be sufficient.

Rather than something for every individual, which would not be cost-effective.


Think of what you might give a friend (in your target!), as a luxury 'treat' for a special occasion.

You have very little time to cut-through & engage, so it needs to have an immediate, "warm&fuzzy" reaction.


In a B2B/Professional scenario, with very busy people, consider boosting the major prize, and even adding 2-3 minor prizes.


Focus  should usually offer a gift-incentive, valued at $50+ for each Guest. This focus-group tradition is appropriate,

given the more intense level of activities. It might also be a premium sample of your product/service, and/or

marketing merchandise.


For example, for young mums to participate in a 2-hour Focus Session in 'Real-Time', you might offer a

$50 Day Spa gift card.

And again, with B2B/Professional type of Guests, you will need to consider the perceived value of their time.

Gift cards are very useful, as they provide the recipient with anything they want to choose.


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