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Recent market research industry studies highlight the pressing need to improve the participant experience.In media, we’ve long wrestled with delivering actionable feedback, while engaging consumers who need to be entertained like other touch-points.

Here are some thoughts on making insights-gathering less like a visit to the dentist, with all the drilling & probing (actual market research terms!).Round the Campfire We help content producers cut-through ever-decreasing attention-spans, satisfy instant gratification, and build audience.When everyone is now their own channel, sharing news, feelings and opinions around the social media campfire. And using Facebook as first stop for news-of-the-day.

Talking to people means ensuring they’re relaxed and engaged, ready to give their honest, direct viewpoint.“What” Is Not Enough There can be plenty of data available about the “What” of an issue, but our end-users really need the “Why”, to sharpen their activities.Understanding the emotional-drivers of the consumers’ crowded daily media choices.

By having a chat that matches the pace of the audience’s life online, so decisions can be made on the fly.

Speed Dating Responses to our short, sharp topics, like speed-dating equal, are far from shallow, just because they’re fast.Social media conditioning means word economy, without losing the emotion.

It’s breathtaking, to watch a real-time chat deliver rich, actionable insights in just a few minutes.Overheard at a Dinner Party As John Musgrove, National Research Director Southern Cross Austereo says “It’s about starting a conversation with a topic you might throw out at a dinner party like ‘So what do you think about radio these days?’. You’re among trusted friends in that environment where conversation is expected, and they’ll take it in all sorts of interesting places. That will be the art of research in the future, to listen in and be able to analyse the themes, key points and context.”Spruiking Recruitment We’re finding new ways to bring our fans in for a chat, because a researcher’s invitation is less effective. People want to give their feedback directly to decision-makers, and influence the brand. And to rise above the static, we now also use high-profile personalities as spruikers for projects.Talk to the BossAs away of reducing reluctance to criticise that personality, we use their Content Director as host, to mandate honest opinions.

In a relaxed setting people are comfortable with being direct, understanding that their input is valued by the boss. And they’re happy to come back for more, so panellist retention becomes more of a relationship.The Human Face of ResearchSo how could this apply to non-media & entertainment industries? It boils down to giving market research a human face, a real person inviting feedback.

In an increasingly automated, impersonal world, we get a strong sense of people wanting to go back to a friendly group chat, guided by someone they trust, not a robot.

Who could you tap into as a trusted influencer, to boost your engagement and retention?It’s A Matter of Trust (Billy Joel)Final word from John “Look at recent global political polls and how people are now just not game to say what they really think, even anonymously. We’re going to have to make the places we ask people for their opinions less like court rooms and more like dinner parties with friends and family. Trust always takes time, so having communities that you build up and have conversations over a long time will see that trust continue to improve over time, and produce more accurate outcomes.”


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Eriks Celmins brings a wealth of global experience in talking to media, sport & entertainment audiences, as a long-time research & content consultant.

Eriks runs both in-depth quantitative & qualitative research, including his innovative techniques for participant engagement.

He passionately believes in the power of conversation to build customer relationships, and help marketers gather fast, real-time insights.

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He is also a full Member of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society).

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