Marketing On a Tight Budget ?

No time, and money’s tight but you still need help on the right direction for your business?You’re not on your own. As a business owner, you are supposed to be an expert at everything, but that’s pretty much impossible.You could outsource? Oh, but that’s right, budget’s an issue.But here’s an idea: “Word of Mouth”. It’s the most powerful form of marketing. A study by Nielsen’s Harris Poll Online says over 80% of people seek recommendations from family & friends about a purchase, and social media is the major source of WOM. So the opportunity for small businesses on small marketing budgets is to build on your Word of Mouth!

Of course you’re doing that every time you serve a customer. But did they leave your business raving about you? If not, do you know why? Do they ever use a competitor? Do you know why?The only way you can really get to know your customer, and how they see your business is to ask them. It really is that simple.You’ll be surprised how much people feel valued, just because you asked them how to make their shopping experience more enjoyable.

But here’s the catch. Sending them a boring survey is probably going to do more harm to your relationship. And don’t just confront them when they next shop. If they like you, chances are they won’t want to offend. Not all that helpful when someone just tells you it’s great.Make it fun, make it personal, and create raving fans, who are happy to get on their social media pages and talk about how wonderful you are.

Exclusive Insights into the Hearts & Minds of your Fans. That’s the cliizii Method!

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