The Coming Together of Marketing & Market Research

Tip #1 - All marketing is relationships.

Your insights program shouldn't be treated any differently to your marketing.  Trust is a critical issue for business today. Our online world has left us open to attack. Customers must feel respected and safe, as in any relationship.

When gathering any form of insights, there are 3 Key Rules a marketer can use to ensure a solid foundation of trust…

1.  Tell participants their answers will be merged with everyone else’s data, and they won’t be personally identified in the analysis.

In an online forum this can be managed by using first or nick-names only, or even anonymous code-names.  

2. Make it clear that the information won’t be shared with any third-parties for sales purposes. People are well aware that databases are often on-sold, exposing to them to spam.

And BTW that includes strictly avoiding the temptation to upsell a customer based on a question response. 

3. Be transparent, tell them the name of the project client or sponsor. This used to be a no-no to avoid bias. But people always try to guess anyway, and any brand comparison questions will narrow the field considerably.

Building trust makes people relax, they be more open with their responses, meaning you'll get better quality answers.

Tip#3  Engaging the 'Whole' Brain to make your research a stronger marketing touchpoint.

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About the Author

Eriks Celmins brings a wealth of global experience in talking to media, sport & entertainment audiences, as a long-time research & content consultant.

He runs both in-depth quantitative & qualitative research, including his innovative techniques for participant engagement.

Eriks passionately believes in the power of conversation to build customer relationships, and help marketers gather fast, real-time insights.

Which you can now access on his new social-style, private chat-platform cliizii …           

Customer Led Insights? Easy cliizii!

He is also a full Member of AMSRS (Australian Market & Social Research Society).

"I'm always open to exploring creative solutions to research challenges. Reach out to me personally if you want to hash out some ideas, or connect with me on LinkedIn".

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