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How do you build a relationship with your customers if you don’t talk to them, and get to know them better?  Never works in real-life! Have you ever try to know customer satisfaction scores about your services or products?

OK, so you do talk them sometimes…but is it a real conversation, or just asking questions with pre-set responses?

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The point is, most people are pretty jaded about businesses. You buy a product or service, then sometimes you receive an email asking you to fill in a satisfaction survey – that’s maybe one question, like from 1 to 10 how likely are you to recommend us?

Of course, you get responses, like a Satisfaction Score…but what’s it really telling you that you can actually use to make improvements. And based on the feedback a picture was starting to form of an alternative.

Like WHY did they give you a low score? And just as important, what sort of relationship is it building with your customer – is there any warmth in it?

I had a personal experience of using a large removal firm. Moves are never stress free, and they did an OK job. It wasn’t great, but it was better than I’ve had with other companies.  But the whole experience was damaged even more by their need to gather their Satisfaction Score! I was emailed twice, and in quite aggressive language, to participate in their survey.

Satisfaction Scores

So I did, and I even had a comment on the experience.  Then that was it! They knew who I was, but made no attempt to call me, and discuss or expand on my replies.  I didn’t get any feedback at all, other than the thank-you screen at the end of the survey.

So even though the actual service was one of the better examples I’d experienced, I was left with a “they don’t really care about me” feeling.  So next time we move I won’t go straight to that company, I’ll shop around.

But what if they had followed up, and if I was invited to a special, friendly environment like Cliizii, and actually rewarded for my time.  That I got to chat with other people who have gone through the stress of major moves, shared our experiences, and talked about how it could be made easier.

Firstly, the company would have received high value information about how customers really feel about their business – and even ideas on how to make the experience better.

So think about it…the removal business is very competitive…consider the advantages of getting some great ideas directly from those that use the service. What an amazing competitive advantage that would be.


But most importantly, they would have created a Raving Fan.  I would have gone from “they’re ok” to “wow they really care”.  I would be more likely to tell my friends, even post it on Facebook.

But no way I’m recommending a mediocre, stock standard service. And some people would do the opposite, and sound off on their social media, and you’ve lost control of the situation.

These days you have to stand out.Care about your customers, because if YOU don’t, your competitors will!

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