No to endless meetings – ask your customers!

How many times have you tried to develop new marketing collateral, only to find you can’t get everyone in the team to agree?  We’ve actually seen our own clients spending hours in exec meetings, discussing the merits of a particular brand name or logo.


In one example the team just couldn’t decide between 6 different names for a new product.  So we pulled their customers into a Cliizii Focus Session, and within hours the group had unanimously chosen the new name.

In the end the only people that matter, are those that are going to use/buy your product or service.  And based on the feedback a picture was starting to form of an alternative.

But there was another plus – the comments from customers were perfect marketing material.  You get the real customer language, which is so valuable when developing your campaign content.

With great comments like:  “This name definitely catches the most of my attention than all the others, because it is an original, different name, compared to the other names in the xxxxx industry”


The thing is, it’s hard to build a stronger relationship and get insights, but that’s the power of Cliizii. And based on the feedback a picture was starting to form of an alternative.

Everyone has such a good time sharing what’s important to them, how they use your product etc, that we’re finding that more people come back.

They want to get involved again, and not just for the reward, but because they had fun.  With parting comments like: “Thank you for this opportunity, I’m so sad it is over” & “This has been so much fun, if you need help with anything else just ask” & “I had heaps of fun, if you need more help in the future you can ask me”.

As our client said “I was on last night watching in real time. Such a great concept and so easy to navigate. Lots of useful stuff in there.” & “We had fast results in the fans’ real language, great stuff!”

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