Take back control of social media reviews

Dealing with social media reviews is just a part of doing business these days. And as a business you can’t afford to ignore this vital link to your customers.

If you doubt the importance of reviews and how to manage them, then check out this article from Digiday.But what if you could get advanced knowledge of issues and reduce the negative comments?The only way that’s possible is to have a constant feedback loop with your customers.

By making yourself open to all sorts of positive and negative feedback you’re gaining respect and building brand advocates & influencers. And it’s not as hard as you might think!

Firstly you need to know who your customers are and how to contact them. So ask yourself these 3 key questions …

1. Could you email your customers today?2. If not, have you built channels to build your social media following?

Knowing your customer and having communication channels in place is paramount. How are you going to communicate with them if you don’t know who they are!

The final question relates to your social media following if you have one. Let’s use Facebook as the example …

3. How did you build your following?

A popular method is using a competition. But that doesn’t mean they are users or fans of your business.Yes having a large number of followers expands your Facebook reach, but not much else.

One of the most important things you can do with any social media followers, is to identify the real fans of your business.

e.g. let’s apply the 80/20 rule to followers … so that’s only 20% of your followers (at best) are real fans that will go out of their way to spruik your business. But that doesn’t mean the other 80% are wasted.

What you can do is post a URL to a Cliizii Social Forum chat session on your social media pages, and offer an incentive to make it worth their time participating.This is not the blog for detail on incentives, except to say cash is king. 🙂

Within Social Forum you have the option to ask your Guests if they’d like to participate again … plus ask them a direct question relating to their buying habits.This automatically generates your very own, private Contact List within Cliizii.But it’s way more than just a list of followers … they are people who care enough to spend time talking to you.

It might represent only a small percentage of your followers … but they are a powerful, influential percentage, active in both feedback and sales.

So now you have a qualified Contact List, that you can tap into at any time!Reward them and they’ll reward you. With insights that give you the early heads-up of an issue.Well before it escapes into the wild of social media reviews!

Exclusive Insights into the Hearts & Minds of your Fans. That’s the cliizii Method!

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