Harness your team for your next big idea.

Have you ever stopped and talked to your team…like really talked to them about their opinions on how the direction your business is going, or their ideas on how to develop the business?

In a lot of cases they are dealing with customers on a daily basis, but how often are they asked their opinion? Maybe you did a team survey, or you caught up with someone over coffee…but that’s not quite the same.


Of course a personal dialog is always best, but some might feel intimidated, unsure even on what they can say.  But building a business culture that is open and rewarding to new ideas, will open doors you might not have thought about.

Your front-line people talk to your customers every day, and often a gem of an idea or insight might come from a customer.  But your team doesn’t have a mechanism for communicating it up the chain.

OK, I hear you say…they can just email them to the appropriate manager…and yes they could, and provided that manager has the time, it might go further.

But wouldn’t be better for team-building, if staff were given a friendly, engaging platform dedicated to sharing ideas…no matter how small or even silly sounding. This is true brainstorming, but without the constraints of a set time.

For instance, you could set-up basic Topics that drive the conversation and keep it focused. Cliizii is  a platform that everyone feels comfortable using, that’s even fun.  They could even suggest new Topics to be added.

Plus the team get a response from their idea, possibly even rewarded, which could be as simple as an announcement at the next staff meeting.

It would also encourage them to ask more specific questions of your customers, open a general discussion with them, and help your front-line to build even stronger relationships, that make it harder for your competitor to break through.

As a manager, you just need to be open to the opportunities that your team can provide.

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